Home Moving
Office relocations can be sophisticated, complicated or even inconveniencing to the stakeholders of the company planning to move office because of the nature of operations of a customer and the magnitude of items to be relocated. This requires a lot of planning, convergence of the convenience of the customer and the mover as to the date, day (weekday or weekend), time (day or night) and the actual time taken by the mover to relocate a customer.

Touch Movers understands that relocating an office is a very delicate undertaking. It has requisite materials, tools and equipment to handle such a move. The company has in the past moved a wide range of clientele which include; banks, learning institutions, franchised distributors, manufacturing concerns, public institutions, NGOs, professional offices, hospitality institutions, stores, libraries etc.

The company will plan your move with your requirements, conduct a thorough pre-move packing, avail necessary equipment like safe movers, cabinet dis-assembles, trollies, fork lifts etc. All electronics will be packed in high quality corrugated boxes, books, stationery and office tools will be packed in our branded moving crates, and furniture wrapped with microfiber mover blankets.

Hi, are you planning to relocate soon?